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5 unbelievable facts about Charlie Dior

5 unbelievable facts about Charlie Dior

5 interesting facts about Charlie Dior
Popular Ghanaian fashion stylist, influencer, Charlie Dior

5 unbelievable facts about Charlie Dior. Charlie Dior shot into the limelight after criticizing the looks of some Ghanaian celebrities in a couple of viral videos.

The US-based style critic is well-noted for his outspokenness and the confidence with which he attacks the fashion sense of these celebrities.

In recent times, he has trended back-to-back for spewing harsh comments about the appearances of some celebrities, including Xandy Kamel, Osebo the Zaraman, Nana Ama Mcbrown, Tracey Boakye, Sarkodie, and many others, on red carpets.

Not forgetting how his recent interview with Zionfelix has since been topical on social media.

Let’s take a look at other things you probably do not know about Charlie Dior

He was a Sunday School teacher

Charlie Dior declared his love for God and commitment towards the Christian faith in an interview with Zionfelix.

He disclosed how he used to play active roles in the church until the members started showing ‘toxic traits’.

“I used to be very active in church. I like religion and believe in God but I don’t like the church. I used to sing in church, I was a Sunday School teacher. But I noticed the church can be very judgmental. They are talkatives and gossips. They will make you feel like an outsider,” he told Zion.

Charlie Dior’s real name is Charles Tamakloe and hails from the Volta region

Born Charles Tamakloe, the popular fashion critic disclosed that he hails from Hevi, a village closer to Dzodze in the Volta region.

“I’m from the Volta region. My actual name is Charles Tamakloe and I’m part of the Tamakloe clan in Ghana. I’m from Hevi, a small village around Dzodze. I was born in Ghana but I grew up in America. I have two sisters and I am the middle child,” he stated.

He attended High School and Tertiary in the United States

Charlie Dior had his Senior Secondary School and Tertiary education in the United States.

The outspoken style coach who moved to the states 16 years ago, asserted that he currently holds two degrees.

““I lived in New York for a very long time but now I’m based in Jersey. I attended Datus for a while and I furthered my high school and tertiary education in the states. I have two degrees. The first one is in Radio production and the second one is in Broadcasting and Mass Communication,” he noted.

He worked with top American blogs including ‘Shaderoom’ and ‘Industry on Blast’

Asides from his active fashion career, Charlie Dior also established that he has worked with some top media blogs in the United States.

“I used to write for big bloggers in US. I wrote for Shaderoom, Industry on Blast and co. I was a secret writer for all of them,” he stated in an interview with Zionfelix.

He loves make-up and wears both male and female clothes

Charlie Dior has expressed how comfortable he feels when rocking female outfits and make-up.

According to him, just like male clothes, female clothes also make him feel better.

“I’m very genderless when it comes to clothes. For me, everything works. These are comfortable outfits and I love them.

“I wear make-up because I want to look good all the time, especially on camera. I love lipstick because I don’t want crusty lips. It’s called self-care. I love the fact that I have both male and female energies,” he stated.

5 unbelievable facts about Charlie Dior

5 unbelievable facts about Charlie Dior

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