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A Plus writes about ‘caricature’ stage for Kamala Harris

 A Plus writes about ‘caricature’ stage for Kamala Harris. Artiste cum politician, A Plus has noted his disappointment with a stage built for the Vice President of United States, Kamala Harris to deliver her address when she arrived at the airport yesterday, March 26 for a start weeklong visit to Africa.

While the historic visit to Ghana might be good news for Ghana, it appears the podium erected for her to deliver a speech has become the talk on social media.

For the critics, the podium lacked the class of such a high profile event and A Plus is certain that the cost of construction for the stage will be outrageous when asked.

In a Facebook post earlier today, March 27, A Plus described it as a caricature.

“You watch the Champions League final or the World Cup in Qatar, and within a matter of minutes, a beautiful podium is built for presentation. You watch the Super Bowl halftime show, and within the twinkle of an eye, the whole playing field is turned into a gorgeous stage for a musical concert.

Here in Umofia, this is what Atta ne Atta were able to build in 73 hours; the most annoying part is that this caricature will be more expensive than any of the aforementioned.

Dear International Monetary Fund, before you give them the loan, ask them how much was spent to build this Susubribi village square, and you’ll know what your money will be used for. (sic),” he stated.

Critics are not happy with the stage

Kamala Harris, the Vice President of the United States, was greeted with cheers from schoolchildren, dancers, and drummers upon her arrival at Ghana’s Kotoka International Airport on Sunday, marking the start of her week-long tour of Africa.

The aim of her visit is to strengthen U.S. relationships with the continent in the face of global competition over its future.

Harris expressed her enthusiasm for the trip, stating that it further solidifies the enduring relationship and friendship between the people of the United States and Africa.

A Plus writes about ‘caricature’ stage for Kamala Harris

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