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A young lady dumps her man after she saw him selling unadulterated water.

The Nigerian says he was unloaded by his sweetheart after he saw her selling clean water in the city

As indicated by the video, the young lady probably saw the man as a modest individual selling clean water in the city and chose to call it a refusal.

The video has caused a ton of discussion on Instagram, with a contending that the person ought to go to a more mindful young lady

A Nigerian young lady has purportedly left her sweetheart after seeing her beau selling clean water in the city.

The man shares the video of him maintaining a business and says it harms his relationship.

He has a water organization

As indicated by the video, the young lady doesn’t realize that the man is the proprietor of the sewer and that he doesn’t work for anybody, but himself.

A video recording peruses:

“A young lady I love saw this video and quit conversing with me, not realizing that I own the organization.”

In the video, the man should be visible bringing down a sack loaded up with water inside the pack, clearly to be shipped off to a client.

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