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Adam Bonaa – 2024 Election Could End Up In Violence

Adam Bonaa - 2024 Election Could End Up In Violence

Adam Bonaa - 2024 Election Could End Up In Violence

Adam Bonaa – 2024 Election Could End Up In Violence. Security expert and safety analyst, Adam Bonaa, has expressed fears that Ghana’s 2024 elections could turn violent if adequate security measures are not implemented.

Bonah emphasized the urgent need for the government to prioritize election security to prevent potential bloodshed.

Speaking in an exclusive interview with GhanaWeb’s George Ayisi, he highlighted the intense rivalry between the two main political parties, the New Patriotic Party (NPP) and the National Democratic Congress (NDC), as a significant factor contributing to the tense atmosphere in the country.

He further emphasizes the gravity of the situation, underlining the discontent among a section of Ghanaians who perceive the economy to be in a challenging state.

He added that the president himself has acknowledged the dissatisfaction regarding the country’s economic performance of which he believes that the said factors, combined with the heightened political tensions, have raised concerns about the potential violence in the upcoming 2024 electoral process.

“This election (Assin North) is a precursor to 2024 if measures are not put in place, 2024 elections will be bloody, as for that I want to repeat it, if measures are not put in place 2024 elections will be bloody.

“If the executives led by the president, does not resource the security agencies led by the police to make sure that things are in order…you know the right resources are given to them to police 2024 elections, I am telling you that 2024 will be bloody, and my reason is that …you have the NPP who wants to break the 8, you have the NDC who also says that you have done enough, you have a section of Ghanaians saying that the economy hasn’t been good of which the president himself has admitted, so it tells you that all is not well.”

He then called on the government to prioritize the security of the nation and provide the security agencies with the necessary resources.

He emphasized that the police must be adequately equipped to handle any potential threats and ensure a safe and peaceful voting environment.

Adam Bonaa – 2024 Election Could End Up In Violence

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