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Arise Ghana demo: Kweku Baako reveals what will make him return to the streets

Arise Ghana demo: Kweku Baako reveals what will make him return to the streets

Editor-In-Chief of the New Crusading Guide newspaper, Abdul Malik Kweku Baako Jnr, has said he will only participate in a demonstration if there is a coup d’état in the country.

Speaking on the discussion segment of Peace FM’s ‘Kokroko’ morning show on June 29, the veteran journalist explained that he has stayed off demonstrations as a result of age catching up with him.

He added that he has reached a peak of sorts with demonstrations but will not sit on fence when the 4th Republic is under threat.

He was commenting on the recent Arise Ghana demonstration which saw scores of people pour onto the streets in protest against economic hardship.

“I have said the only time I will embark on a demonstration on the streets is when someone takes the gun to overthrow the constitution [coup d’état]. Where I have gotten to, that is my last point. The are many issues that everyone is entitled to demonstrate against.

“For me, I have done demonstration for a very long and I’m tired. I’m also advanced in age, we are not the same. You can’t beat nature. At some stage, it is your mind which does the work and not your body. But if someone attempts to stage a coup d’état to disrupt the 4th Republic, for that I will hit the streets,” Kweku Baako said.

He criticized the violent nature of the first day [June 28] of the Arise Ghana demonstration.

He indicated that he had hoped it will be a peaceful demonstration that will project the image of the country as one which believes in democracy.

“I’m a bit disappointed that the protest did not end peacefully and smoothly. I wanted it to have a smooth sailing and peaceful. All these help with our democratic credentials as a nation. It exposes our image in a very positive way to the world,” he stated.

Arise Ghana demonstrators clashed with police on Day 1 of their mass action. There was chaos as police fired teargas at protesters while they [protesters] also pelted stones at them. According to multiple reportage, the chaos erupted over confusion on the route to use.

The clash resulted from a disagreement over use of route and an attempt by the protesters to march towards the presidency.

Meanwhile, the second day of the demonstration [June 29] was incident-free and has elicited commendation from the Ghana Police Service.

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