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Avoid critiquing Ghanaian artistes – Don Jazzy to Kwadwo Sheldon

Avoid critiquing Ghanaian artistes - Don Jazzy to Kwadwo Sheldon

Don Jazzy messaged Kwadwo Sheldon for harshly critiquing Ghanaian artistes

Avoid critiquing Ghanaian artistes – Don Jazzy to Kwadwo Sheldon. A few days ago, popular Ghanaian content creator, Kwadwo Sheldon, reacted to Don Jazzy’s post where he advised artistes against being lackadaisical towards their projects.

Don Jazzy cautioned artistes against the habit of ‘feeling too big’ to promote their songs while projecting Davido, who is currently promoting his ‘Timeless’ album, as a case study.

“Dear artists hope you can see how Davido is marketing his album. He didn’t form oh I’m OBO so everybody will cop my shit. Marketting your beautiful project that you worked hard on does not reduce your swag,” The Nigerian music executive wrote on Twitter.

Kwadwo Sheldon, an avid critic of what he describes as the ‘lazy and reserved’ culture’ among Ghanaian artistes, seized the opportunity to strike again after seeing Don Jazzy’s post.

“I have said that we can’t compete. The earlier we will accept this and move on, the better. We will try but we can’t compete. Davido’s album is out. Top-tier album. Have you people seen the promotion for the album? We dey joke! An artiste will release a project in Ghana but will still be posting black-and-white pictures of himself.

“You see the interest Davido put in this? The Guy is on the street doing dance videos. Here, they will give you merch and pen drive. If you do it for free, they won’t even acknowledge you. How can you compete with this mechanism?” Sheldon fumed on his YouTube channel.

However, Don Jazzy, after chancing on Sheldon’s video is somewhat unhappy about the latter’s analysis which keenly focused on comparison and competition.

In response, the Mavin Records boss said his post shouldn’t be used to further incite competition and rivalry among Ghanaian and Nigerian artistes.

“Not really about the competition for now bro. I hope the message educates and motivates my Ghanaian brothers too. We can all do better,” he responded.

Avoid critiquing Ghanaian artistes – Don Jazzy to Kwadwo Sheldon

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