Bofowaa In Tears As Rev. Obofour Brings 3 Step Children With Side Chicks Home

Queen Ciara Bofowaa, Rev. Obofour’s wife, is reportedly unhappy in her marriage after the husband allegedly brought home three stepchildren.

Rev. Obofour allegedly brought three children he had with other women to his marital house.

This was disclosed in an audiotape in which someone mentioned Zion Felix and Minalyn

According to the gossip, Queen Ciara advised Minalyn not to split up with Zion Felix since he had children with other women.

She offered herself as an example in the advice, stating that she was unhappy with her husband’s promiscuous lifestyle but had to put up with it out of love.

Rev. Obofour is claimed to have brought three children from other women to Queen Ciara, but she had to live with them because they were her husband’s children.

The chatter did not indicate whether the alleged stepchildren were from one lady, two women, or three women.

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