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Burna Boy Reveals Toni Braxton Makes 60% Of His Earnings From ‘Last Last’ Record – Find Out Why

Burna Boy Reveals Toni Braxton Makes 60% Of His Earnings From ‘Last Last’ Record – Find Out Why

Nigerian singer Burna Boy has revealed American Toni Braxton takes the lion’s share of the money he makes from his latest record.

Burna Boy, who calls himself the African giant, is merely a puppet next to Toni due to this revelation.

A probe by the panel of the show discussing the deal revealed Toni Braxton earned that much because Burna Boy sampled her work.

Explaining the deal with Toni Braxton, the Nigerian said it was his idea to sample Toni’s record regardless of the consequences.

He acknowledged that he was aware his producer could produce something magical with Toni’s record.

He further stunned the panel with the shocking news of how much Toni Braxton makes due to his move to sample her work.

The panel reacted indifferently, as they acknowledged that he would still make a ton of money even with his cut.

Watch the video below.

Reacting to a curated post via Twitter, fans of Burna Boy expressed their thoughts about the situation.

Check out a few of them below.

Defining the art of sampling, which is an element of a pre-existing recording by someone else in a new composition.

The sample can be anything that is taken from another track; a rhythm, a melody, a beat, vocals or speech.

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The element sampled is then manipulated, edited, chopped up or looped to fit creatively within a body of music.

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