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Chairman Wontumi went totally silent and surprise after John Boadu’s mind blowing defeat

Chairman Wontumi went totally silent and surprise after John Boadu's mind blowing defeat

John Boadu and chairman wuntumi
John Boadu and chairman wuntumi

It was a weekend full of shock and surprises as delegates of the governing NPP decided to dethrone John Boadu as the General Secretary for Justin Frimpong Kodua, JFK.

Not the support of all the regional chairmen of the party translated to votes for Boadu to secure a third term as the General Secretary.

Indeed, one individual who was championing John Boadu‘s bid to be in office for the third time was Chairman Wontumi, the Ashanti regional chairman.

Prior to the national delegates conference at the Accra Sports Stadium, Chairman Wontumi was bragging about how John Boadu‘s position was uncontestable.

In one of his viral interviews, Wontumi categorically stated that John Boadu‘s position as the General Secretary was “non-negotiable”.

“Anybody who wants to contest John Boadu, then the person wants to pay school fees; he will be in debt,” a confident Chairman Wontumi said.

But at the congress grounds, the vociferous NPP chairman got the shock of his life.

He resulted in speaking with gestures rather than speaking with his opening of the cavity in the lower part of the human face, surrounded by the lips, through which food is taken in and vocal sounds are emitted.

Wearing a yellow shirt with the inscription CW, the Ashanti regional chairman resulted to pointing into the sky when he was approached by a reporter from Asaase radio. Not even constant persuasion from the reporter made the ‘disgraced’ chairman utter a word.

Meanwhile, Kennedy Ohene Agyapong, Assin Central MP, was unhappy about the attitude of Chairman Wontumi whipping all regional chairmen to support the bide of John Boadu.

In an interview with TV3 on the conference grounds, the MP sent out a strong warning to his colleague party member.

“My brother Wontumi should cool down. He should cool down [because] he doesn’t own this party. He doesn’t at all. He has to cool down.

“Whipping all [regional] chairmen to raise their hands reluctantly. All of them have been embarrassed. If it had been anywhere, all the chairmen would resign,” Kennedy Agyapong said.

Justin Frimpong Koduah defeated incumbent John Boadu to win the General Secretary position of the governing NPP.

He polled 2,857 votes against Boadu, who obtained 2,524 votes out of the total 5,556 votes cast.

JFK will serve as the General Secretary of the party for the next four years.

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