Focus Vhim – Come After Me :[Mp3 Download]

Focus Vhim – Come After Me :[Mp3 Download]

Focus Vhim – Come After Me :[Mp3 Download]
Focus Vhim – Come After Me

Focus Vhim – Come After Me (Prod By Dicydruma)

Focus Vhim, a Ghanaian musician, has once again caused a stir in the music business with his most recent release, which is titled “Come After Me.” This tune, which was produced by the extremely talented Dicydruma, demonstrates Focus Vhim’s one-of-a-kind style and the lyrical prowess that has helped him establish himself as a rising star in the Ghanaian music industry.

The song “Come After Me” begins with a catchy beat that immediately grabs the attention of the listener. The production is of the highest quality, and it has an effortless combination of afrobeat and modern components. Focus Vhim is able to give an enthralling performance because of the blend of groove-oriented percussion, melodic synthesizers, and appealing tunes that serve as the backdrop for his show.

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It is immediately apparent that Focus Vhim boasts a one-of-a-kind and compelling voice the instant his vocals begin to be included in the track. His delivery is assured and brimming with enthusiasm, and he rides the beat with ease and precision. His lyrics are full of brilliant wordplay, analogies, and a dose of his unique ability to tell a tale. This enables listeners to identify with the story that the song is telling.

The song “Come After Me” is a stirring hymn that celebrates resiliency and faith in one’s own abilities. Focus Vhim confronts his detractors and naysayers, stating his commitment to achieve his goals and triumph over any challenges that may stand in his way. His words ooze self-assurance and a determination not to let pessimism slow them down; as a result, they inspire listeners to accept their own aspirations and work tirelessly to realize them.

Because of its addictive tune and lyrics that beg to be sung along with, the chorus of “Come After Me” is instantly recognizable and impossible to forget. It acts as a rallying cry for individuals who have endured difficulty, urging them to remain focused on their goals and not be distracted by the forces that are external to themselves. The tune is a highlight in Focus Vhim’s catalog due to the contagious energy it exudes and the catchy melodies that it has.

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The production value of “Come After Me” is outstanding, with a well-balanced mix that enables each individual component of the music to stand out and be heard clearly. The instrumentation is stacked in such a way that it creates a sound that is both rich and dynamic. The capacity of Focus Vhim to merge numerous musical forms and produce a sound that is fresh and original is demonstrated by the smooth mixing of traditional African rhythms and current components in their music.

In conclusion, “Come After Me” by Focus Vhim is a demonstration of the musician and songwriter’s range, which is a testimonial to the skill that he possesses. A highlight in the Ghanaian music industry due to its addictive production, intriguing lyrics, and energizing delivery, this tune is a great example of its genre. It is becoming increasingly clear that Focus Vhim is an artist that fans should keep an eye on as he continues to carve out a name for himself. “Come After Me” is a potent reminder to keep one’s attention on the task at hand.


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