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Food shortage in SHSs: Angel Carbonu blames government

Food shortage in SHSs: Angel Carbonu blames government

Angel Carbornu, President, National Association of Graduate Teachers (NAGRAT), has lashed out at the government of Ghana for the shortage of food in some Senior High Schools.

According to him, this situation is because the current centralized system that ensures that only the National Buffer Stock distributes food to Senior High Schools has not yielded well for the government and the schools at large.

Carbornu, who was speaking on Citi FM’s ‘The Big Issue’ programme on Saturday noted a decentralization of food distribution to Senior High Schools, will address these challenges.

“Broken walls cannot even be repaired because you have denied the schools of resources and centralized it with Buffer Stock. The prices for Buffer stock are inflated above what is on the market, so the government is unable to pay.”

“The schools have been denied resources. They called us names [when we made suggestions]. [We were accused of] working in the interest of political parties. We were beaten into submission, and we are now reaping the results,” Angel Carbornu.

The Conference of Heads of Assisted Schools in the Upper West Region has warned that Senior High Schools in the Upper West Region may soon shut down if the government fails to supply them with adequate foodstuff to feed students.

But the Education Ministry responding to this indicated that his ministry has “not had any such official complaint.”

Even when the reports are showing the negative effect of the food shortages, Ministry’s PRO, Kwasi Kwarteng told Citi FM that, the reports about shortages could also be considered alerts for the future.

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