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Founder of DECAM, Apostle Max Bani, ‘caught up’ in sex scandal

Founder of DECAM, Apostle Max Bani, 'caught up' in sex scandal

Pastor accused of sleeping with church members

Pastor allegedly demands nude photos in exchange for some favours or recognition in the church

Victims want pastor brought to book to answer for deception and the manipulation


Some members of Divinity Empire Campus Ministry (DECAM) are accusing their founder, Apostle Vinny Max Bani, of alleged sexual misconduct among other unethical practices.

According to a statement by some former executives of DECAM, they alleged that Apostle Bani took advantage of his office and slept with female members of the church in exchange for favours or church recognition.

“Many of the girls were asked to delete their chats with him and sworn to secrecy with threats of prophetic or supernatural punishment befalling them should they expose these things, so the evil thrived,” reports.

The statement also indicated that while investigations were ongoing, several female members of the congregation came forward with allegations of sexual misconduct against Mr. Bani.

Many claimed to have been propositioned to provide nude photos in exchange for some favours or recognition in the church.

Some also claimed they had been groomed to grant him all kinds of sexual favours from oral sex, hand jobs, and sensual massages to various penetrative sexual activities including threesomes and orgies involving several women at once.

The report added investigations, “proved that some of the women were initiated into his harem while they were still teenagers and their involvement with him can be traced as far back as when they had just finished junior high school and were fresh in Senior high school.”

Below is the full statement:

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