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IGP pays medical bills of sick Arise Ghana demonstrator

IGP pays medical bills of sick Arise Ghana demonstrator

The Inspector-General of Police on Tuesday, June, 28, 2022 reached out to one of the Arise Ghana demonstrators who had fallen ill and paid his medical bills, has gathered. sources say the demonstrator was part of the 29 protesters who were arrested by the Police following the chaotic scenes that marred Tuesday’s demonstration in the capital.

But while he was in custody he complained of stomach aches and had to be rushed to the hospital for medical attention.

However, he [protestor] was unable to foot his medical bills upon discharge by the hospital as he’d only 5 cedis in his pocket.

Reports say, the sorry state of the protestor came to the attention of the IGP Dr Akuffo Dampare who coughed up GHC1000 upfront from his personal finances to pay for the medical bills of the “krom Ay3 hye” demonstrator.

Meanwhile, on the express instructions of the IGP, the protestor has been granted bail, while he was also given some pocket money by the IGP.

Speaking to, the protestor Eric Kwabena Dartey expressed his gratitude to the IGP noting he was shocked by the gesture.

“I was at the hospital when they said the IGP wanted to talk to me and check up with my condition. After he spoke to me he sent me GHC1000 to foot my bills and also keep some as pocket money. I have been trying since then to get access to him to thank him but I have not succeeded. I’m grateful to him,” he said.

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