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John Mahama responds to Bryan Acheampong?

John Mahama responds to Bryan Acheampong?

John Mahama responds to Bryan Acheampong?

John Mahama responds to Bryan Acheampong?. Former president John Dramani Mahama has spoken in church about the trappings of power and the need for Christian politicians to be guided by Christ-like attitudes in the course of their work.

Speaking as an invited guest at an Easter Sunday service of the Holy Hill Faith Cathedral in Accra, Mahama used his political journey as an example of how a politician journeys through the field and by so doing takes in a lot of power.

“God has blessed me, He has guided my steps. Any possible office in the politics of this country, I have occupied. I have been a deputy minister, I have been a minister, I have been a Member of Parliament for three terms, I have been a vice president.

“And ultimately I have been the president of the republic of Ghana,” he added before stressing home how the trappings of office confers a sense of immortality on politicians.

“What it does is that it gives you a sense of immortality. If you are used to the trappings of office, you will think that you will never step out of that office.

“And so, for me; what I say to Christian politicians is let’s take Christ-like features into the work we do as politicians,” he is heard saying in a video shared on his Facebook timeline.

Timely as the message is, at Easter and in church, it was made hours after Minister of Agric and MP for Abetifi made comments to the effect that the ruling New Patriotic Party will not hand over power to the opposition National Democratic Congress [NDC] after the 2024 polls.

Mahama’s party, the NDC, has since issued a statement describing the minister’s views as reckless and treasonable.

Acheampong’s comments, deemed controversial and even inflammatory by a section of society has since attracted critique, even though the minister has explained what he really meant.

In a post made on his WhatsApp status April 9) and available to GhanaWeb, he said: “Instead of focusing and coming up with strategies to help your party with a glint of hope, you are there majoring in minors.”

He further cautioned the NDC to not expect power to be handed over to them should the party (NDC) lose the 2024 elections.

“Yoo, 2024 is just around the corner; when you have lost, don’t expect power to be handed to you,” he retorted.

Bryan Acheampong booms

Bryan Acheampong‘s controversial views were made at a party rally over the weekend.

He is heard saying a in a viral video that the NPP will do everything within its means to win the 2024 general elections.

According to him, the NPP is not ready to hand over power to the National Democratic Congress (NDC), therefore, his party will go to the election fully prepared.

He stated that the NPP has the men to match the opposition boot for boot during the 2024 polls.

Addressing party faithful after a health walk through the principal streets of Mpraeso on Saturday, April 8, 2023, Bryan Acheampong stressed that “We will show NDC that we have the men if they want to do intimidate, harass us or do anything foolish during the 2024 elections…It will not happen that we will hand over power to NDC. We’ll use any means for NPP to stay in power.”

John Mahama responds to Bryan Acheampong?

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