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Kennedy Agyapong is a wicked wizard said by Nana Agraadaa

Kennedy Agyapong is a wicked wizard said by Nana Agraadaa

Kennedy Agyapong is wizard said by Nana Agraadaa

News broke in the media of Agradaa using her social media platform on Facebook to address an MP and also the owner of TV stations to whom his workers and families benefited from her.

No description available.

According to Agradaa, she visited the MP and during her visitation, she gave money to some of the workers of the MP and also bought cars for his family members which the MP is aware of her doing but later the MP went on a radio station to lie of her work as using false pretense to take money from innocent citizens in a form of spiritual belief money doubling. 

She also stated that the MP whom she was referring to is not fit to be voted in as a candidate to become the president of Ghana as he is now a candidate as a flag bearer of the NPP part of Ghana.

Agradaa continues to say that, the MP is not fit as he can not keep secrets plus he does not respect himself. “ You can’t keep secret, you want someone to vote for you as a president…. Sika Gari, the work that you have enjoyed is part of the money…..  If you are a man, come on social media and fool yourself again…” 

After the video she presented got the attention of the public, most Ghanaians on social media suspected the MP she was referring to be Hon. Kennedy Agyapong of Assin Central as he was the one Agradaa went to him to apologize after she disrespected him in which she visited his house with Rev. Owusu Bempah to render an apology. 

For such reason, supporters of Hon. Kennedy Agyapong and followers of the politician come out to share their opinion on Agradaa’s video on 14 July 2022, Agradaa in her second video calls some Ghanaians witches. 

“ I came to do a video and I did not mention any human being’s name in the video. Some of you foolish people who have no sense come and listen to sense this night us witches are flying.”

Adding that, some people have attached Hon. Kennedy Agyapong’s name in her video as she was addressing the issue of a person who has hurt her. Stating she has no issue with Hon. Kennedy Agyapong for she loves him as a father. 

Agradaa is yet to dedicate her church in which many Christians are stating the negative behavior of continuous insults “ wo maame twe”  she presents on social media is not of Jesus Christ and for such reason, she is not fit to become a leader of a church. 

Below is the video:

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