KiDi – I Lied :[Download Mp3]

KiDi – I Lied :[Download Mp3]

KiDi – I Lied :[Download Mp3]
I Lied by KiDi

KiDi – I Lied

Ghanaian singer and songwriter KiDi, also known as Dennis Nana Dwamena, has announced the release of his new song titled “I Lied” on April 26th, 2023. The Afrobeat sensation, who shot to fame with his hit single “Adiepena” in 2018, has been making waves in the music industry with his unique blend of highlife, hip-hop, and R&B.

“I Lied” is a highly anticipated release for KiDi fans, who have been eagerly awaiting new music from the artist. The song promises to be another hit for the talented musician, with its catchy beats and soulful vocals. KiDi has already teased fans with a snippet of the song on social media, generating even more excitement for the upcoming release.

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KiDi has been making a name for himself in the Ghanaian music industry since the release of his debut single “Say You Love Me” in 2017. His unique blend of African rhythms and contemporary pop has won him a legion of fans, both in Ghana and beyond. He has collaborated with a number of other African artists, including Nigeria’s Davido and Ghana’s Kuami Eugene, and has performed at major music festivals across the continent.

KiDi’s music is known for its emotional depth and introspection, with the artist often exploring themes of love, heartbreak, and personal growth in his lyrics. His previous releases, including “Thunder” and “Enjoyment,” have been praised for their authenticity and relatability, with fans responding to KiDi’s honesty and vulnerability as a songwriter.

With “I Lied,” KiDi is likely to continue this trend, offering fans another glimpse into his personal life and experiences. The song’s title suggests that it will explore themes of deceit and betrayal, with KiDi possibly addressing a failed relationship or a personal betrayal he has experienced. Given his talent for crafting emotionally resonant lyrics, “I Lied” is likely to strike a chord with fans and resonate with anyone who has experienced similar feelings of heartbreak and disappointment.

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In addition to his music career, KiDi has also made a name for himself as a fashion icon and influencer. He has been featured in major fashion campaigns and has been praised for his unique sense of style, which often incorporates traditional African fabrics and prints. As a result, KiDi has become a role model for young people across Africa, who look up to him not just as a musician, but as a fashion and cultural icon.

Overall, the upcoming release of “I Lied” is an exciting development for KiDi fans and anyone who appreciates the vibrant and innovative sound of contemporary African music. With its catchy beats and emotional depth, the song promises to be another hit for the Ghanaian artist, further solidifying his place as one of Africa’s most exciting musical talents.


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