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KKD loses phone, money and documents to robbers on Accra-Tema Motorway

KKD loses phone, money and documents to robbers on Accra-Tema Motorway

KKD narrates robbery incident on Accra-Tema motorway

KKD describes the Accra-Tema motorway as a death trap

Robbers make away with phones and money from KKD

KKD calls for regular police patrol on Accra-Tema motorway


Veteran Ghanaian media personality, Kwasi Kyei Darkwah popularly known as KKD as described the Accra- Tema motorway highway as a death trap as he narrates a robbery incident he experienced.

In a viral Instagram video, the award-winning on-air personality gave the full details of how he was robbed by an Okada rider and his accomplice after his vehicle sustained a flat tyre due to the terrible potholes on the road.

According to him, while he tried to fix his car, an Okada rider approached him to assist him to fix the car but suddenly one person who he later realized was a partner to the rider began pelting stones at him.

Quickly he moved away from his vehicle for his safety, however, when he returned, his wallet, some undisclosed amount of money, shoes, documents and his famous walking stick were all stolen.

“Some guy riding an okada stops and pretends to be helping me. He walks around my car doing nothing. The next thing I know he moves away from me calls someone and within three minutes stones are being thrown toward my car
So stones were thrown, one hit my left thumb, one nearly hit my head I ducked. I got my key out, forgot to lock the car and moved away for safety.

By the time the things calmed down, I moved back to my car, my iPhone was gone, money in my wallet is gone, shoes I was bringing my sister, documents and my walking cane is gone” KKD narrated.

KKD called on the appropriate authorities to ensure that there is constant police patrol on the road and a regular repair of the road to save lives.

According to KKD, this is the second time he has been attacked on the motorway. The first time, his car was shot at by some unknown gunmen.

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