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Mahama reacts to recent viral GH¢2,000 grant distribution

Previous President Mahama has forewarned general society against viral messages and promotions declaring the dispersion of GH¢2,000 awards to Ghanaians.

In a Facebook post, he demonstrated the message is misleading, subsequently ought to be dismissed.

Mr. Mahama said it is an endeavor by corrupt people to cheat clueless casualties with his name and pictures.

“If it’s not too much trouble, overlook any such message, and don’t succumb to fraudster” he advised as he shared some application entries of the said award application.

Watch the screenshot below;

Meanwhile, in another news President Akufo Addo might be constrained to involve business trips for all his unfamiliar goes for the following four months as JoyNews has been educated that the official fly is expected for significant fix works.

As per the Defense Minister, Dominic Nitiwul, it would be traveled to France, where it will be until essentially October, 2022.

“Before the current month’s over, we won’t have an official fly in light of the fact that the one we have is going to France for re-administration; it’s one reason the President won’t involve it for four to five months,” he said in a meeting with JoyNews’ Evans Mensah.

Since last year, the Minority in Parliament had scrutinized the President for utilizing what they depict as lavish personal luxury planes for his movements when the authority official fly was still in great condition.But the Minister expressed that the President has been involving the official stream for all movements inside Africa and West Africa.

“We just exhorted the President not to involve it for extremely lengthy excursions but rather every one of the developments inside Africa, every one of the short developments inside West Africa, that is the plane the President utilizes,” the Bimbilla administrator added.

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