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Man Forces His Girlfriend To Remove The Clothes He Bought For Her In Public After Cheating On Him

In a video which has started making waves on the internet, a man was seen forcing his girlfriend to remove the clothes she was wearing at the moment. The venue for this incident was not even in their private home but rather at the market.

From the video, the man used force to remove some dress from his girlfriend over the reason that the girlfriend cheated on him. Some men and women at the market tried to prevent the man from doing this to his girlfriend but to no avail.

Click here to watch the video

In my opinion, what the man did was needless. The issue of marriage should always be discussed at home no matter the circumstance. Disgracing your wife or girlfriend in front of the general public seems bad and irresponsible.

Some Ghanaians have reacted to this and below are some comments

Some Ghanaians supported what the man did. Others also revealed that what the man did was needless.

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