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Mo Y3 Mmoa Dodo! – Angry Obofour Reacts to Allegations Of Cheating On His Wife And Running From His Matrimonial Home

Pastor of the Anointed Palace Chapel (APC), Rev Solomon Antwi Obofour, has fired back at critics alleging his marriage has failed.

Obofour called anyone claiming such as a liar and called them an animal!

Obofour just released a video ranting like a mad man in reaction to recent viral news about his marriage.

For those of you living under a rock, juicy gossip from the hot streets claim that Obofour’s marriage to Ciara Antwi aka Bofowaa has hit the rocks.

Obofour allegedly cheated on Ciara and had three illegitimate children behind her back.

He’s also alleged to have brought the children to their matrimonial home to stay with his wife.

Ciara is reported to have gotten fed up of Obofour alleged cheating.

The preacher is also alleged to have a second wife.

Angry Bofowaa is said to have gotten tired and finally packed her things and left Obofour’s house.

Obofour himself allegedly run away from his matrimonial home in pain and shame.

Fast forward to today and he’s angry and firing back at critics.

Listen to him below :

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