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My Husband Was Sleeping With His Mother And His Sister Was Also Sleeping With Her Father – Formal Goalkeeper Shiku Narrate

Josephine Wanjiku who is populary recognized as Shiku goalkeeper from Githurai, has narratedher sad story of how she came to found out  that her husband was sleeping with her mother and  also his sister with his father.

Shiku alleges that the she met her husband and they both took a decisionto get married after he discovered she was pregnant. She then had to quit her job as a goalkeeper and started a family with her dear husband in their rural home.


Her husband’s mother and siblings were heaven sent angels in their early days of her marriage but has time goes  on they  all became something else which couldn’t understand. This is because they started mistreating Shiku telling her that she married their brother since she was the sole provider as her husband did not have a job and he could be left at home with their child.

Despite all they where doing, she didn’t let their thought  distract her from marriage but rather  held on to their marriage but things got worse when she got pregnant with their second child. Her husband requested her to go stay at their father’s plot in ruai, in a three bedroom rental house. But Unfortunately, things did not turn up well as they expected it to be because her mother-in-law lured her husband into throwing her out very late at night with her child since she used to arrive home past 10 pm from work.

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