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Nigel Gaisie captured on video attempting to assault 70-year-old landlady

According to the host of the Seat Show on Net 2TV, Kwaku Annan, the prophet and his
landlady engaged in a heated confrontation
over a refuse dump.

“On the 8th day of June 2022, he broke the
vows of God in his quest to beat up his landlady for trespassing on his land. Tonight, we show how ungodly, this deceptive man of God is seen in the eye of the Lord Justice Kwaku Annan said on his show.

Before showing the video of the confrontation, Kwaku Annan explained that “he (Nigel Gaisie) was given a land to build, he has put up building there and that is where he operates his church as I speak to you. The landlady gave you the land for free, she didn’t take money. She has her portion and you have your church building. The portion belonging to the landlady is where this pastor has turned into a refuse dump.”

The video , as sighted by GhanaWeb , at a point shows a chaotic scene amidst shouts and heated exchanges .

Prophet Nigel Gaisie was spotted in a white shirt and black trousers . Also captured were some muscular men .

” Aunty , he said he will beat up grandma ! Nigel Gaisie ! You are coming to beat my grandma ? You are mad , ” a female voice was heard shouting in the background .

Narrating further , Kwaku Annan said : ” When the landlord complained , he got furious and threatened to beat her to death . This man did not even consider that he is a man of God or the fact that the 70 – year – plus woman could be his mother . ”

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