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Nigel Gaisie vindicated for his 2022 prophecies

Nigel Gaisie vindicated for his 2022 prophecies

Nigel Gaisie vindicated for his 2022 prophecies
Nigel Gaisie vindicated for his 2022 prophecies

Nigel Gaisie vindicated for his 2022 prophecies.Nigel Gaisie, the founder and head pastor of the Prophetic Hill Chapel has claimed ‘victory’ with a number of prophecies that he made back on January 1, 2022.

A year on, Gaisie in preparing to reveal his prophecies for 2023, presented a video reel of 2022 prophecies that he made which, according to him, came to pass.

A number of the prophecies concerned Ghana – which he charactrised by a country known as Umuofia – others were about African countries with a number of them being global in nature.

The 2022 31st December Watchnight service took place at his church’s auditorium in Accra with the event being streamed on social media platforms to other members of his local and global congregation.

Last year, most of his prophecies on matters relating to Ghana were cast in a fictional country called Umuofia.

In the case of 2023, his prophecies as relate to Ghana were cast in another fictional country known as Republic of Yemp3 Nokware.

Below are the correct prophecies that Gaisie claimed on January 1, 2022:

a. A former CEO will be jailed – he referred to the MASLOC CEO, Biege Bank trials and Ato Essien case.

b. I saw crises, serious crisis in the Northern part of Nigeria – He referred to news report on kidnapping and banditary in parts of northern Nigeria.

c. “I saw Donald Trump coming back to active politics.The Lord said we should pray for the health of the American President, why is Russia crying?” he said in 2022.

He posted a video of Trump declaring that he will contest for the Republican ticket when nominations open.

d. “I saw close down of Universities, I saw a lots of strikes, union strikes. Strikes, strikes, strikes!!!!”

The video reel pointed to strikes by university unions and other workers’ unions in 2022 as vindication of the veracity of his prophecy.

e. “Let’s pray for South Africa, I saw the nation cry and in crisis,” Gaisie said at the time. The church claimed vindication with footage of gruesome death of nine people in the country last year.

f. Let’s pray for the Monarch of England. The Lord opened my eyes and I saw a lot of flowers at the Buckingham Palace.” The Queen’s death was reported last year with her repalcement announced in the person of King Charles, her son.

“Let Pray for the Queen,” Gaisie prophesied exactly a year ago.

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