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Oliver: I Doubt Ghanaians Will Be Surprised If We See Him In Boxer Shorts Surrounded By The Military

Youth activist and community organizer at the FixTheCountry movement, Oliver Barker-Vormawor has produced another attention-grabbing post.

In his recent post, he said, “I know we are all now fixated on Achimota, then Agyapa, then the increase in police violence. Even now, the regime itself is pumping the air with terrorism fear mongering. I even know that, the sense that 4th Republic is on its final legs, seems more and more current among many people. The writings are on the wall. I doubt many people will be surprised if we wake up and see Akufo-Addo in boxer shorts surrounded by military and police men.

“But trust me, things that have been the biggest threat to our democracy and have undermined faith in this sham, isn’t just the stealing and the extra-judicial killings. It’s the little things”.

Please follow me. Thank you.

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