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Osebo the Zara Man finally reacts to Blakk Rasta’s Feb 7 tweet mocking him

Osebo the Zara Man finally reacts to Blakk Rasta's Feb 7 tweet mocking him

Osebo the Zara Man finally reacts to Blakk Rasta's Feb 7 tweet mocking him

Osebo the Zara Man finally reacts to Blakk Rasta’s Feb 7 tweet mocking him. Fashion entrepreneur Osebo the Zara Man has come down heavily on media personality Blakk Rasta for citing him in a social media scuffle with media executive Nana Aba Anamoah.

Born Richard Brown, Osebo was guesting on Sammy Flex’s Class Showbiz programme on CTV, Thursday, March 16, 2023.

Early February, Blakk Rasta and Nana Aba Anamoah had some exchanges on social media prompted by the former’s vehement criticism of rapper Sarkodie appearing on a contemporary version of Reggae icon Bob Marley’s ‘Stir It Up’.

During the back and forth, Blakk Rasta shared two pictures of Osebo, Nana Aba’s former boyfriend, donning what appeared to be conventional female clothing.

He captioned the tweet with the words: “Sis @thenanaaba, I hear you have this legend’s direct phone number? I need him to borrow this outfit for the Bob Marley Day concert in May.”

According to Osebo, a number of people drew his attention to the tweet.

He highlighted that he is not in the habit of getting on camera or social media to respond to people who insult him.

Hinting at why, he referred to the proverb that says: “A fool is even seen as wise when he keeps quiet.”

“Whenever you’re angered, don’t speak according to your angered [hurt] heart [feelings] else, excuse me to say, you may say foolish things,” he added, mentioning that the Bible says not to let the sun go down on one’s anger.

He posited that when one is angry, he or she uses their heart or feelings to speak only to be condemned by their own mind or conscience thereafter when the anger subsides.

“So when I am angry, I go quiet,” he noted.

Perhaps in view of the public opinion that he may be effeminate from his fashion choice, he strongly stated that he is a very strong man of valour only that he is self-controlled.

“I laughed when I saw the tweet after it was sent to me,” Osebo said, adding that: “It’s someone who – excuse me to say – is of an inferior mind who will write such a thing [tweet].”

“Whatever is happening between you and Nana Aba has got nothing to do with me,” he said. “So why me? It means you are [intentionally] insulting me.”

He emphasised that Blakk Rasta acted foolishly “by following his feelings [unchecked].”

“I won’t do this,” he said. “If you are wise, you focus your fight on you and your opponent. You don’t bring a third person into it this.”

Else, he said, one may risk offending someone who is a fan and “has so much respect for you.”

With that said, the man some call a cross-dresser confessed his admiration for Blakk Rasta.

“He’s one guy I admire,” he said. “And it is because he is fearless and so I really admire him.”

“But when you respect someone so much, one thing could happen for you to notice their true foolishness,” he added.

He argued that wisdom is seen in consistency.

The Zara Man underscored that, as all would testify to, he has never come “on social media to say foolish things,” and “it’s because where I was raised, I was taught wisdom so I only speak wisely.”

On why he never responds to his critics and those who mock him, he said it is because “my attention is too expensive. I am always [focused on] making money every minute of the time I have.”

He cited once walking out of an interview due to the host’s insistence on bringing up his former girlfriend Nana Aba Anamoah.

He categorically said that he and Nana Aba can never be enemies because they have a child together.

“I cannot say anything derogatory about her. My son may even be grieved, if I do,” he added.

Sammy wondered if Osebo the Zara Man was offended by Blakk Rasta’s tweet.

“Not really,” he answered. “Things like this don’t worry me. I have a tough skin.”

He insinuated that he has suffered worse criticism at the hands of Ghanaians on social media, indicating that he is not perturbed but that there is in fact more coming to provoke them further.

Sammy questioned if he had tried speaking to Blakk Rasta personally concerning the tweet.

“Why would I do that?” Osebo also questioned. “You didn’t show me respect; why would I show you respect?”

He said he and Blakk Rasta do not know each other personally neither have they ever met “one on one before,” and so for the latter to speak in such an unpleasant way about him, “it would be monkey business” for him the offended one to initiate a conversation between them.

“I [only] do business and make money,” he concluded.

Osebo the Zara Man finally reacts to Blakk Rasta’s Feb 7 tweet mocking him

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