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Sark released An Audio Song Over Nana Addo’s failed leadership

Sark released An Audio Song Over Nana Addo's failed leadership

Ghana rapper  Michael Owusu, known as Sarkodie, is set to drop a track for President Nana Addo and his party.

One of the musicians in Ghana who advertised for the ruling party before and after the 2020 elections was Sarkodie. Sarkodie’s song ‘Happy Day’ featuring Kuami Eugene came under severe backlash after many realized it was an indirect song to campaign for the NPP.

Since the day Sarkodie released the song “Happy day”, he has been subjected to ridicule and backlash. A lot of people recently have called on the artist to criticize the government following the economic hardship.

In leaked audio that has made it’s on social media, it would be heard that the rapper was addressing the economic hardship in the country.

In the song, Sarkodie spoke about political vigilantism and the nation’s “no employment syndrome” as well as the bad leaders dragging the economy into the mud with their extravagant spending.

He also praised Dr. Kwame Nkrumah and stated that his death was a big loss to the country because most successors have dragged the country backward.

Play the song below :

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