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The Only Body Part That Never Grows After Birth Till Death

The human body grows continuously from birth to puberty and repair of tissues occurs till death . But there is a certain part of the body that does not grow for the entire life span and that is cornea . Corneas remain the same from birth to death and hence babies tend to have bigger eyes . Corneas do not possess blood vessels and hence no growth occurs .

Cornea of eye has no blood supply so it may be the organ that don’t grow after birth. Cornea of eye has no blood supply so it may be the organ that don’t grow after birth. When you are born, the eyes you are born with are the same size, they will be for the rest of your life.

While they may change slightly in colour or deteriorate, causing the need for glasses contacts, they never grow. There’s been discussion on the fact that eyes do grow in size, some argue that it’s just the skin that gets stretched and the eyes appear to have increased in size, however others argue that there is actual increase in the size of the eye.

Some claims suggest that our eyes keep growing until teenage. They say that the eye ball of a child grows slowly and then as he reaches teenage it slows down even more, but it does keep growing up to the age of 16. So according to them the claim that eyes are the organ of the human body that doesn’t increase will be incorrect.

If you’ve any research or content regarding which part of the body doesn’t increase in size, please share with us, no matter if it’s eye or anything else! But should be backed by scientific evidence.

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