The Reason Why Nacee Was Sacked From Home

The Reason Why Nacee Was Sacked From Home

The Reason Why Nacee Was Sacked From Home

The Reason Why Nacee Was Sacked From Home. Nacee, in an interview on The Delay Show shared how he was sacked from home because he questioned his family’s religious way of practice.

The gospel musician explained that growing up, his family had one of the most popular churches named, Except the Lord Healing Church, which was situated in Dansoman, Greater Accra Region.

He added that one particular item they used in worshipping was the burning of incense which was very common at the church.

He also shared that he used to play drums for other churches to make ends meet and through such hustle, he one day heard a pastor preach against the use of incense in churches, which was stated in the Bible.

To get an understanding of why his family’s church was using such an item when it is stated in the Bible that it’s abominable, he decided to get clarification from someone.

“Except the Lord Healing Church was one of the biggest churches in the 1990s. I didn’t speak against them; I just wanted a deeper understanding of what the pastor said. The drums I used to play took me to a lot of places including some churches and through that, a pastor said ‘God says incense is an abomination to me but at my family’s church, you do burn incense so I went to seek for clarification from the man who used to read the bible”, he explained.

Nacee further explained that after seeking clarification from the reader, he didn’t hesitate to explain things to him but he [Brother Paul] rather told his family that, he [Nacee] spoke ill of the church, and that compelled his family to sack him from home.

“I asked Bro Paul that God says incense is an abomination to him so why do we use incense at church? He explained things to me and even condemned the act. He rather twisted my words and told my aunties and sisters that, I was speaking ill of the church. They then based on that so sack me from home”, he said.

The Reason Why Nacee Was Sacked From Home

Watch the interview below.

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