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[Video] I Am Not Being ‘Tribalistic’ But I Have To Say This – Johnnie Hughes Boldly Speaks

Johnnie Hughes has sent a very bold message to the custodian of the Ga lands. In a message delivered today, Wednesday, May 25, 2022 on Johnnies Bite Johnnie in addressing the government acquisition of state lands questioned what the Ga chiefs are doing as their lands are dished out to other people. Johnnie raised issues about why foreigners and other people of ethnic groups are gradually taking all the Ga lands after dishing out meagre amounts.

Johnnie who decided to speak in Ga while addressing this issue revealed that he is not being tribalistic but is amused and disappointed as to why Asante Twi and other languages are being taught in Accra schools while Ga is not being taught in other regions. He called on his fellow Ga chiefs to rise and stand firm because gradually the Gas are losing their culture. Johnnie pointed that there is nowhere in other regions where Ga is taught as a subject.

According to Johnnie, this must end and called on the Ga chiefs to stop allowing themselves to be deceived with small amounts of money as their lands are taken away by foreigners. “The Ga lands are being cut like cloth. This didn’t start today. It is because the chiefs are divided that is why this is happening. What will your children be left with? What is wrong with us? Johnnie said

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