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What a shame – Police’s first reaction after Arise Ghana demo turned murky

What a shame - Police's first reaction after Arise Ghana demo turned murky

The Ghana Police Service has in a social media post described as ‘shameful’, the pandemonium that characterized the Arise Ghana demonstration, Tuesday afternoon.

Information about what caused the chaotic scene is scanty but reports suggest the police fired tear gas on the protestors during the demonstration at the Obra Spot near the Kwame Nkrumah interchange. The protestors are also reported to have pelted stones at the police personnel.

Many are reportedly injured while some vehicles, including a police van, have been damaged.

In a statement on its social media handle, the police condemned the violent act and exonerated itself from blame.

“What a shame, we were there to protect you and ensure your safety, but you throw stones at us, injure and hurt us. This behaviour is unacceptable and must be condemned,” the Twitter post read.

The said post was accompanied by images from the scene including a police officer who seemed to have sustained an ear injury.

Arise Ghana hit the streets to protest what it described as worsening economic conditions in the county. The pressure group’s desire to kick start its demonstration in front of the Jubilee House was thwarted by the police as it secured a court order to prevent the protestors from converging at the seat of government.

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