Why I Close Down My School – Kwaku Manu

Why I Close Down My School Kwaku Manu

Why I Close Down My School – Kwaku Manu. Popular Kumawood actor, Kwaku Manu, has shared the reasons why he close down his school

In a video shared by YouTuber Hello Frank, Kwaku Manu disclosed that he had taken his children abroad for a vacation, but what transpired after shocked him.

“I took my children to the United States six to seven years ago, and when I went back to Ghana, about 20 to 22 parents had taken their children out of my school,” he said.

According to Kwaku Manu, this significant withdrawal of students had a substantial impact on the school’s enrollment and overall functioning.

Kwaku Manu added that the reason is that he did not bring his children with him when he went back to Ghana because he wanted them to stay in America and get a taste of American culture until it was the right time for them to come home.

Unfortunately, this decision became the subject of rumours and speculation.

“It started going around that I had taken my children out of the country,” Manu revealed, expressing his frustration with the situation.

The actor questioned the veracity of the accusations made against him, stating that since he had personally contributed money and labour to the school’s construction, why he could not have used that same effort to fly his family abroad.

“I was able to build a school, so with the job I did to build the school, can’t I do the same job to take my children abroad?” he argued.

The controversy surrounding Manu’s decision deepened when allegations surfaced suggesting that the school fees paid by parents were being used to finance his children’s education in the United States.

He addressed these claims, saying, “They claim the school fees they were paying were what allowed me to take my children to school, and as I speak, some of these parents owe me three terms, and the school fees were 100 cedis and 50 cedis.”

These outstanding debts further complicated the situation for the actor and his school.

Ultimately, the mounting challenges and negative impact on the institution forced Kwaku Manu to make the difficult decision to close the school.

“I was tired of the situation, so I stopped operating the school,” he revealed in the interview.

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