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Women Respect Men Who Does The Following Things

1. Understanding: The feminine and tender nature of a woman can flow freely when she is around supportive men, whether in the form of father, brother, husband or boyfriend. The woman respects the man who nurtures her inner child and only a mature man can understand this subtle psyche of woman.

2Caring: When a man cares a bit for a woman, he has insured a lifetime of love and care for himself. Women are governed by emotions, she thinks by heart not brain, but you guys don’t know the secret. She wears a facade of being overly strong, because you don’t reciprocate back to her love.

3. Protective: It is a hostile world and the woman is vulnerable, no matter what age she is (I know about India). People stare at her, and she detests it. A protective man is a like a blanket of warmth around her, a firewall she does not want to override. Only an independent man can be truly protective, one who is truly independent in his thinking and living. Respecting others’ is important but they should not influence you or manipulate you. Your relationship with your girl should come out of your independent thinking, not decided by your Mom’s opinions’ or friends’ bets. She is your treasure, keep it safe.

4. Listening: Most ladies want to confide in you every little thing that happened in the office or that they are passionate about. Listening to her with rapt attention will make her respect you. Your cellphones are at risk if you use them while she is describing her day to you. But if it gets too much ask her politely to stay quiet and she will follow you like a kitten. Talking to her and spending quality time with her tells her that you are available to her emotionally.

5. Responsibility: Share the responsibilities and you have a big room in her heart.

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