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You can use your economic situation to seek asylum in Germany – Human rights activist claims

You can use your economic situation to seek asylum in Germany – Human rights activist claims

Germany-based International Human Rights Activist Mr Anthony Kwabena Rau

Germany-based International Human Rights Activist, Mr Anthony Kwabena Rau, has said that people can also use their economic situation to seek asylum in Germany.

In an interview on Daily Hustle Worldwide, Mr Rau mentioned that according to the German law on immigration, non-citizens can even seek political asylum based on the living conditions in their countries.

Speaking to DJ Nyaami, Anthony indicated that aside from seeking asylum in a foreign country to avoid being persecuted, Ghanaians can even seek political asylum in Germany based on the recent floods in the country.

“You can seek asylum in Germany if you can prove that the government does not provide for you. You can even use the recent flood to seek political asylum because the Ghanaian government is not feeding the taxpayers. Where should the person sleep after the flood,” he quizzed.

Mr Rau elaborated that with the reasons attached to the application, the German embassy will investigate and make the necessary arrangements for the applicants.

“The Ghanaian government is spreading this falsehood because it becomes a disgrace to the government. They don’t want such things to happen but what Ghanaians are going through is the foundation of political asylum,” he added.

“You can send them an application that this NPP government is not giving you a daily bread which is a basic human right. You don’t have toilets etc and based on paragraph 25 (5) of the German foreign law. They will get an answer,” he opined.

Mr Anthony Rau is an international human rights activist who denounced his Ghanaian citizenship to be a German. He has worked to provide residence for many Africans in Germany. According to Anthony Rau, he was voted into parliament on the ticket of the Schill Party.

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