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Young lady escapes ritual murder in Twifo Praso

Young lady escapes ritual murder in Twifo Praso

Young lady escapes ritual murder in Twifo Praso

Young lady escapes ritual murder in Twifo Praso. A 22-year-old woman managed a narrow escape from death after she was nearly used for rituals at Lomnava in Twifo Praso.

According to the narration by UTV’s reporter, the lady in question – Grace Arthur who was training to be a seamstress was given out by her madam to a group of men believed to be family members for rituals.

Per the narrative, the lady was told to join the brother of her madam to drop off some clothes for a client. She however ended up in the house of one pastor who was apparently supposed to spearhead the rituals.

“She was learning how to sew and worked with a woman called Delali Fegah popularly known as Mama. This Mama told her that her brother – Nicholas was in town so she should join him on a motorbike and send some clothes to one of her clients.

“When they got to the place, however, the man went past the client’s house and she began to ask questions but she was scolded by him and told to keep quiet. He later started asking her questions about whether or not she was menstruating and whether she was pregnant till they got to a place close to the nursing training and then she was sent to the house of a pastor there called Emmanuel Awhoi whose church was around the area – Israel House Chapel.

“She saw 5 men waiting for her, all allegedly her madam’s brothers and they took her to a room where they started performing some rites,” the UTV report said.

The incessant loud screams of Grace however saved her. After narrating the incident to her madam upon her return, however, she discovered the woman – Mama was the brain behind her capture.

The case was later reported to the police who referred it to the traditional authorities for judgement.

“Her madam told her that some gold had been lost in the family and they needed her for some rituals to retrieve that gold.

“The family members said after she came back and told Mama and she didn’t say anything, they took it to the police station but were told it was a spiritual matter so they should send it to the traditional rulers for judgment,” the reporter said.

“The case was taken to the Twifo Kaireku palace where the Chief, Nana Kofi Nsiako IV who listened and asked for some items to appease the gods and undo the effect of the rituals,” the report further added.

Meanwhile, the final cleansing is expected to take place today; 9th May 2023.

Young lady escapes ritual murder in Twifo Praso

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